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The FNM must have lost their ever loving minds to nominate Nicole Martin, the former President of the Bahamas Hotel Catering And Allied workers Union.  Under David Knowles, Bobby Glinton, Thomas Bastian and Pat Bain, this was the most powerful union in the country.  When they handed it off to her, it became a shadow of itself.  She left the union broke,  It has no contracts to defend members anywhere.  The Atlantis company has gotten an injunction which bars the union from off the hotel property. She also lost the building in Eleuthera.  She fired shop stewards from the union leaving scores of them bitter and dissatisfied.  Yet this is the legacy which Hubert Minnis intends to be litigated with the public when she goes to the electorate against the PLPs Jamahl  Strachan.  Ms. Martin herself has been clumsy even in her candidate launch. She us still by the way a consultant to the Public Hospitals Authorly reportedly at the sum reportedly of 80k per year.  But she launched two video bloopers.  One where she was dancing using a gang gun sign to reggae music; the other when she was interviewed by a talk show host, she started of her answer by say that she was not a smart person. We agree. Nicole Martin and Miriam Emmanuel would make a good pair for the FNM. Dumb as conch.