Obama On Rape In Prison

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viagra generic sovaldi times;”>image032We must say that the US President Barak Obama is really finding his stride.  He has been on a roll with the victories over the intransigent Congress and in the Supreme Court.  He has spoken up, viagra sales patient nay even sung,  in his Black voice for the downtrodden and made a good stand on the question of Iran and curbing their nuclear ambitions.  For our money though, we are really pleased at this effort at prison reform. He even spoke up against prison rape.  This is a silent issue which people refuse to admit it is an issue.  We have scores of Bahamians in American prisons.  The US is constantly attacking The Bahamas on the state of our prison but it is clear that the US has problems too.  Kudos again to the U S President on this.  As Mr. Obama said: prison rape is not joke.  The culture seems to think it’s funny because it mainly affects males.  It is not a joke and we must do all that we can to denounce it and protect against it.  Read more