Ok School now opens Wednesday thanks to Erika…lol

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viagra buy malady times;”>The Ministry of Education, best viagra malady Science and Technology wishes to inform the public that after consultation with the Meteorological Department we have been advised that the worst of Tropical Storm Erika has passed. Please note that changes have been made to the dates issued last week as we were proactively preparing for the possibility of Erika reaching our shores.

All administrators, teachers and custodial staff should report for duty Monday, 31st  August; 

All Preschool, Primary and Special Needs school students along with all 7th and 10th graders attending Junior and Senior High School respectively for the first time will report to school Wednesday, 2nd September; 

All 8th and 11th graders will report to school Thursday, 3rd September and 

All 9th and 12th graders will report to school Friday, 4th September, 2015. 

We wish to thank all educators, students, parents and the general public for their cooperation during this time and we assure you that we will always act in the best interest of all concerned parties.

May you have a successful 2015/2016 academic year and we welcome back to school!