Leader’s Press Conference Wednesday 3 June 2020 Gambier House in the Lynden Pindling Centre

Leader supports the Black Lives Matter Movement in the United States Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the Press, and those joining us via Social Media. I want to recognize the recent loss of two nation-builders and trailblazers who were giants in their respective fields – the late Patrick Bethel, an educator, author and a gentleman and Paul Eric Hanna, a […]

The Module For PLP Candidates Starts Wednesday 20 June

The deadline is 18th June for the module for those who wish to be candidates for the PLP in the next general election or those who simply want to learn about the party’s policies, history and procedures.  You can access this link: https://goo.gl/79RbVc The programme outline is as follows: Module For Aspirant Applicants For Candidacies […]