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Omar Archer, the nut case, that was charged some time ago with criminal libel and was later wanted on a gun possession charge and hid from the police and was found in Nassau Village at 3 a. m. hiding and taken without incident, is now in jail.  He belongs there.  He is there on remand.  His problem is that he violated his bail by not showing up for trial.  So they packed him up and sent him away. The problem is in the long term what do we do.  Mr. Archer’s stock in trade is saying outrageous and palpably false things about the PLP and its leaders.   It is clear since he has no visible means of support that he is being paid by some well-funded individual. Probably someone in the FNM. The PLP should follow the money trail, unmask that person and put a stop to it.   This should be done with Michael Pintard, Dionysio D’Aguilar, Jeffery Lloyd, Marvin Dames and Adrian Gibson.  The spending of the FNM in these seats gives rise to lots of questions.   Mr. Archer of course immediately sought to portray himself as a victim.  He portrayed himself as someone who is being persecuted by the PLP because he is speaking freely.  The fact is no one has the right to tell lies about someone else without a penalty either socially or criminally.