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The FNM opposition party, the DNA Opposition party, they are all a bunch of louses and phonies.  Why? Here is one example, their position on the Carnival.  They made themselves look like a national joke.  Remember the FNM was saying through Peter Turnquest, their Deputy Leader, that the Carnival for this year should be postponed until after the elections.  He claimed that this would just be an election ploy for the PLP.  The Nassau Guardian said the Carnival should be postponed.  No surprise there since Candia Dames, who runs The Nassau Guardian, is the sister of Marvin Dames, the FNM candidate for Mt. Moriah.  Then the Carnival Commission unwisely in our view and without apparent consultation with the Government decided that they would postpone the Carnival until later in May, presumably after the General Election.  Wow! Howls of protest.  The same opposition figures who were against were suddenly in the press saying the Government didn’t know what it was doing, it was confused, it was going to cost all the people who had prepared to come here money and on and on.  So the Government through its Minister of Tourism went into quick reverse and said the Carnival would go ahead.  Jeez.  What a bunch of hypocrites though those government FNM/DNA critics.  These are the people who want to lead our country.  They believe in nothing.