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Omar Archer who seemed to be a paid hireling by the FNM to publish false but toxic video messages on the web and Facebook in particular about the PLP is in jail where he belongs awaiting trial. Mr. Archer, however, is just one of scores of people who the FNM have posting the web every week with untrue messages about the PLP and attacking PLP leaders personally.

The interesting thing one has to ask however, is how does this news get around?  The news gets around because PLPS spread the news on themselves.  Every morning one awakens there is a stream of fresh video, audio and pictures with negative news about the PLP not generated by the PLP but being spread around by the PLP.  They try to distance themselves from that by saying: did you see this?  They might also say: isn’t that terrible?

It is certainly terrible but it would be less terrible and not even seen if PLPS themselves would simply stop spreading it around.

There is no sense in calling up some MP and telling him have you heard this latest thing they have put out on you, or have you seen the latest?  How does that help that individual and his campaign?

So what we are seeking, we know it will probably fall on deaf ears, is to encourage PLPS to stop passing this stuff around.  Omar Archer would not be so well known for his lies and falsehoods and craziness if people had not passed around the messages in the first place.

We think a word to the wise is sufficient.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 8 April 2017 up to midnight: 171,290;
Number of hits fothe month of April up to Saturday 8 April 2017 up to midnight: 204,210;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 8 April 2017 up to midnight: 2,799,507.