Panic When The LIGBT Community Says They Support The Bills

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tadalafil stuff times;”>They are not Bahamians.  That must be the reason that no one wants their support and wishes at this moment and space in time they could quietly go away and get lost.  We are talking about the LGBT community and their announced support for the amendments to give women equality in the constitution.  There was a grimace across the country as the wicked Candia Dames led with the comments of LGBT Leader Erin Green in The Nassau Guardian on 2nd March. Why now?  The pastors were already deep in their deceit and that is all they and Rodney Moncur, viagra usa Louby “ Loosy Goosy ” Georges and Lincoln Bain needed to reinforce their opposition to the bills on the ground that this was a sissy bill. Ivan Johnson of The Punch would have a field day.   Why could they the LGBT not just get lost until the vote is over?  They are of course Bahamians.  Some of them are women so presumably it will help them.  They think it will help the transgendered.  So that’s their opinion.  But every vote counts. So God bless ’em.