Rollins Reneges On His Promise

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pilule times;”>You could hardly believe your eyes or your ears in the House of Assembly on Wednesday last.  The young rogue MP Andre Rollins who the week before took out the month of February with the roar of lion, was in the House as quiet as a church mouse on 2 March and meek as a lamb.  It makes a big difference when you get taught a lesson in what party politics is all about.  You can’t just stand up and shout out anything your big mouth desires and Candia Dames’ texts you on your phone.  All of last year he was saying how he would vote against the four constitutional amendment bills.  He had concerns about  same sex marriage—not.  He said he was 100 per cent heterosexual.  That was good to know.  God bless him.   Then last week, as the vote was taken and the MPs polled, Mr. Rollins surprise, surprise voted with the government and the MPs of the FNM to support the bills without question.  There may be hope for him yet.