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Peter Turnquest is the country’s new Minister of Finance.  He can’t even add two and two together but never mind, he at least reads the speech that the officials give him.  He reads it uncritically too.  Whatever they give him he reads.  That is what he would have us believe when Gleyns Hanna Martin, MP PLP for Englerston, challenged him during his budget debate presentation on Wednesday 7 June.  Mrs. Hanna Martin put the following proposition to him: you announced that there would be a reduction in duty for equipment for the maintenance of boats but when I read the actual order it is not only boat but it is also aircraft equipment. Did you fix yourself up?  Mr. Turnquest jumped to his feet to object saying that Mrs Hanna Martin could not be suggesting that he as pure as the driven snow Peter Turnquest could possibly be fixing himself up.  Everyone knows that he owns shares in Sky Bahamas but he would never do that?  He is too pure to do that.  He said as matter fact he didn’t know it was there. The officials gave it to him to read and he read it.  This is totally, utterly laughable.  A Minister can’t blame officials for something which is his policy.  That is unacceptable.  But hey it’s the people’s time and we guess Peter Turnquest is one of the people so Sky Bahamas will get fixed right up in this people’s time.  By the way, Mrs. Hanna told him she was making no such allegation.  That he was protesting much too much.  That all she said was that when you come to the House and you make a policy, you ought to disclose your interest.  Q.E.D.