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Son of a gun.  The man who makes his money selling food to Bahamians of all stripes and washing their clothes, a fellow named Dionysio D’Aguilar is now a god.  How did that happen?  He lucked in on a wave of petulance in favour of a political party called the FNM and is now installed as the chief of a constituency dominated by poor Black Bahamians.  These are the Bahamians whom he despises but he needs them to use his washing machines and buy food from his Fresh Market Stores.

Okay why are we going after him this week?  It’s because he is a faker and hypocrite and an elitist.  Here is a fellow who twice admitted to cheating customs out of revenue.  He now sits in a government that wants to preach to the PLP about fiscal prudence and keeping the books straight and about corruption.  He was engaged in corruption, cheating customs not once but twice.  But because he is FNM of course, he is as pure as the driven snow.

What really incensed us though was his stupid response to a proper legal point made by Bradley Roberts the PLP Chairman.  The Chairman in a measured statement told Mr. D’Aguilar and those who worked for Sarkis Ismerlian in the Cabinet like Mr. D’Aguilar, Jeffery Lloyd and Marvin Dames, that when it comes to matters dealing with Bahamar, they must recuse themselves.  They have no moral authority to be involved in any way shape or form with negotiations with Bahamar.

He extended this advice to the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis who said that when he came to government he would seize the asset called Bahamar and sell it.  This was an asset that the Government did not own and does not now own and so he must have been talking about expropriation.  Imagine a PLP government making such a threat,

Yet low and behold now that they are clothed in righteousness divine since 2500 people voted for them in their constituencies, both of them met with the new owners of  Bahamar, after calling them crooks and gangsters ( the Minister of Tourism Mr. D’Aguilar said it from a platform during the election campaign), they want to talk turkey with the new owners.  The PLP must be silent in the face of that hypocrisy and double dealing.

NO way.

Mr D’Aguilar rose himself up to his full height and that’s not very high and said in his greatest, sneering white Bahamian accent,  Bradley Roberts ought to sit small and shut up after his party just got a good thumping in the general election.  “Thumping” what the hell is that bulla?  Speak Bahamian.  What a louse.  Son of a gun.

Mr. D’Aguilar is then quoted in The Tribune as telling Mr. Roberts to go crawl into a hole.  Of course he is fooling with the right one in Mr. Roberts.   We carried Mr. Robert’s response in this edition.

However, we thought it important to tell these stupid little tin gods like Mr.  D’Aguilar that 2500 people voting does not make you a god and the utterer of all that is good, right and just in the world.  When we need to hear about washing panties and what kind of bleach to use, we will ask you.  Until then you shut the hell up. Nobody wants to hear from a crook who cheated the customs and now sits in government is preaching bout corruption.  Eff off.

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