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So the smarty pants Peter Turnquest was sending private notes to PLP partisans last week saying that the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell was doing the party no favours by his conduct.  Presumably they were all stunned by the response of the Chairman to the low down dirty remark made by the Leader of the FNM Hubert Minnis that the four PLP MPs elected in 2017 were “ contaminants” Mr. Mitchell told the Prime Minister if he wanted to know what a contaminant was he could go ask his ma. That sent all the sanctimonious and holier than thous into paroxysms of “ tut tutting”. He shouldn’t have said it.  The Chairman of the PLP should conduct himself at a higher level. Poppycock.  The man told you he was no Michelle Obama. That when the FNM went low, he would go lower.  So what don’t you understand about that. Peter Turnquest who such a nasty, insidious fellow in public life should be the last one to talk. It is interesting that after Philip Davis, the Leader of the PLP, outlined the standards by which he conducts his public life and told Peter Turnquest that what he said about him the week before was inappropriate, Peter Turnquest came slinking up to Mr. Davis in the House of Assembly like Nikodemus in the night to apologise.  We don’t need his private sniveling apology.  What we need him to do is to be a man and  apologise in public.