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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Senator Fred Mitchell in response to a cowardly attack by the FNM released without attribution but which almost certainly is the narrative of the Chairman of the FNM Carl Culmer:

For Immediate Release
18 June 2020

The infantile attacks issued by the FNM today are a distraction from what matters — which is supporting Bahamians during the economic crisis and keeping them safe from the virus.

On Tuesday, the Leader of the Opposition Philip Brave Davis stood up in Parliament and said what had become clear to many Bahamians: the government’s reopening policy does not do enough to keep Bahamians safe from visitors who may transmit the virus. The government apparently agreed, because yesterday they changed their policy to require negative tests for visitors.

But their reopening policy remains incoherent.

Case numbers and hospitalizations are rising in many US states; more than 40 million people there have filed jobless claims. The reality is that visitors are not returning in large numbers this summer. Atlantis and Baha Mar have postponed opening until the fall, as have many other resorts.

That means a lot of pain for a lot of Bahamian families.

The FNM doesn’t have a plan to help.

They have a budget which doesn’t do enough to shield Bahamians from the worst of the economic crisis.
They have a reopening policy that doesn’t invest enough in our country’s ability to test, trace and isolate so we can contain positive cases.

And they have a Prime Minister and an acting Minister of Health who are afraid to answer questions about any of it.

This is a government made up of people who are comfortable in the gutter but not prepared to govern effectively. Their personal attacks are a sign of weakness.

Focus, FNMs, focus. That’s what grown-ups are supposed to do.