Senator Fred Mitchell Responds To The FNM Attack On Chester Cooper

For Immediate  Release  27 August 2020 After reading the Deputy Prime Minister’s statement  responding to the Deputy Leader of the PLP’s demand that the Treasury Committee of the House should meet and act, we in the PLP can only say Peter Turnquest is the proverbial ostrich with his head in the sand. Mr. Turnquest missed […]


The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Senator Fred Mitchell in response to a cowardly attack by the FNM released without attribution but which almost certainly is the narrative of the Chairman of the FNM Carl Culmer: For Immediate Release18 June 2020 The infantile attacks issued by the FNM […]

Fred Mitchell Responds To FNM Political Attack

For Immediate Release 21 March 2020 Yesterday 20 March 2020, the Leader of the Opposition spoke by phone to the Prime Minister. In that exchange suggestions were offered by the Leader of the Opposition to the Prime Minister. There was a cordial but frank exchange of views on the Corona virus issues. The Prime Minister […]

Nassau Guardian’s Scorching Unseemly Attack On Perry Christie

Our Prime Minister is so obsessed with defending his throne that he is now chasing the wrong side of tales.  Admitting at all that he is an emperor means that he is trapped in a delusion of grandeur.  The emperor in the fable lost touch with reality.  His staff and servants lost touch with reality. […]