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So the Carron’s, the owners of The Tribune, have a proposal before the Government to collect the revenues from the air overflights that traverse The Bahamas. They say it’s a slam dunk.  The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis wants the deal they propose or so he has told them. Looks so but well it ain’t happening.  So in a remarkable twist of events, The Tribune launched a full scale attack on Carl Bethel, the Attorney General, with a picture of a jackass on the front page and saying he is the reason why the deal won’t fly.  Sounds a little fishy to us.  Hubert Minnis makes all the decisions in his Government, to us it seems that Carl Bethel who holds no seat and we doubt holds any brief is being made the fall guy for Mr. Minnis who doesn’t obviously want the deal to go through.  At least that is how we read we tea leaves.  What do you think?