Full Court FNM Attack On Carl Bethel

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Carl Bethel is sworn in as a Free National Movement Senator during ceremonies on Wednesday, November 30, 2005. (BIS Photo: Tim Aylen)

Senator Carl Bethel is being set up to take the fall for losing the court cases that the FNM brought in their passion for revenge. The Punch had a full court press.  It is well known that Hubert Minnis controls what Ivan Johnson says in The Punch.  The Punch said that Mr. Bethel must prove that he is not a traitor by winning the Frank Smith case.  They accused him of being negligent and not marshaling the evidence sufficiently.  This is all setting him up to take the fall.  Meanwhile, we did run a story here saying that Mr. Minnis actually wants him out and prefers if he moves on to become Chief Justice.  That became easier this week when it was announced that   Sir Hartman Longley will move up from Chief Justice to become President of the Court of Appeal and Stephen Isaacs will act as Chief Justice.  Carl Bethel may have a future in the Courts after all.