On behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, Senator Fred Mitchell has welcomed the action of Wayne Munroe Q C to challenge the lawfulness of the orders and the proclamation in the Covid 19 crisis.  The public has lost patience with the matter.  This puts them at odds with the government.  The challenge is a representative […]

PLP Opposes The Appointment Of Carolita Bethel To The Court Of Appeal From The Desk of The Leader of the Opposition | 8 August 2020

The Leader of the Opposition wrote: 5 August 2020 I learned to my dismay yesterday that Carolita Bethel has been appointed a Justice of Appeal. I had several consultations with the Prime Minister and indicated there is widespread strong and fervent opposition to this appointment with which I concurred.  My party is aware of the […]

Chief Justice Is Making A Mistake Closing The Court In Exuma

Chief Justice Brian Moree shows how out of touch with reality he is and why he is not fit for the job of Chief Justice.  After all the patient hard work and lobbying that was done by the PLP to establish a permanent magistrate in Exuma, the Chief Justice has decided that that is all […]

Berencia Isaacs, Wife of Court of Appeal Justice Dies

The wife of Justice of Appeal Jon Isaacs, Berencia Issacs died on 3 June 2020. She was reportedly 58 years old and had been suffering for some time. She was the daughter of noted Queen’s Counsel Bertram Maccauley, originally from Sierra Leone and a resident of Jamaica.  Mrs. Isaacs is survived by her husband Jon […]

Minnis: Mistake Recommending Carolita Bethel To The Court Of Appeal

Carolita Bethel is reportedly about to be appointed to the Court of Appeal. For some this is a relief because she will be off the Supreme Court bench not having to deal with poor Black people at the Supreme Court and the injustices that often flow from her decisions. But worse now if she goes […]


There is a love fest going on now that the Government has this Proclamation of Public Emergency in place, to suspend civil liberties, for virtual courtrooms. The Constitution says the following in Article 20  (9) “All proceedings instituted in any court for the determination of the existence or extent of any civil right or obligation, […]


A court order was obtained by the Attorneys for Frank Smith, the former Senator and former Chairman of the Public Health Authority to compel the production of records to his side from the virtual complainant in the charges of corruption brought against him.  The order was given by Justice Gregory Hilton. Barbara Hanna and the […]

Maurice Glinton Q C Faces The Court Of Appeal

Maurice Glinton Q C From the news report last week the Court of Appeal saw Maurice Glinton Q C and they are pretty pissed off with Maurice Glinton. Mr. Glinton is in trouble with them because when he appeared before them he refused to go on once they ruled that the man whose right he […]

Sarkis Izmirlian Misreads The Judgment of The Court In Bahamar

You suppose you can’t beat a fellow from trying but sometimes you should know when the game is up and it’s time to say Uncle.  If you read the latest missive of Sarkis Izmirlian to his employees  ( see below) about the decision on 4th September by the Court to appoint a provisional liquidator Edmond […]


From the beginning of this project, the Government of The Bahamas has sought to facilitate an impartial process that results in the opening of Baha Mar, under private ownership and operation as soon as possible. It is without question in our national interest to do so. Baha Mar’s statement today is entirely misleading. As a […]


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