Maurice Glinton Q C Faces The Court Of Appeal

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From the news report last week the Court of Appeal saw Maurice Glinton Q C and they are pretty pissed off with Maurice Glinton. Mr. Glinton is in trouble with them because when he appeared before them he refused to go on once they ruled that the man whose right he challenged to sit on the tribunal because he was not constitutionally appointed was going to continue to sit. He left and disrobed while the court was speaking. That got them really angry. We quoted last week with approval the words of Andrew Allen, an attorney, that the courts of the Bahamas are a tragicomic farce. Full of sound and fury about enrichment on their privileges but can’t find a way to listen to the society in which they operate and stop letting repeat murderers out on bail.

So the Court of Appeal spent the whole morning, five hours on Monday 19th October grilling Wayne Munroe Q. C., Mr. Glinton’s lawyer about what Mr. Glinton did. Our point last week was they should simply give it a rest and move on. Enough of this foolishness. There was no apology from the court for holding him in jail for four days over the last holiday weekend. That is contemptuous of justice. Mr. Munroe told the court: “Our position is that Mr. Glinton’s actions do not amount to contempt of court.” He quite properly asked them to recuse themselves. He said: “Your lordships, as this panel is comprised, ought to recuse itself from hearing on this contempt proceedings.” He said he was not making any accusation of bias against the court, but was relying on the authority case of Ian Stuart West (2014), where a court should consider recusal when a fair-minded observer may consider a danger of bias when considering all of the circumstances that arose in the matter.

Fair minded observe indeed. This matter has gone far enough.