Maurice Tynes Again Says The Emergency Must Go | 2 July 2020

As told to the Nassau Guardian: “What we are seeing now from the prime minister is the corrupting influence of power… “The true emergency is in the House of Assembly… “It’s gotten to the point now where, obviously, there are no emergencies dealing with COVID… “The emergency may reappear after today when we start letting […]

Maurice Tynes Writes That The Emergency Order Must End

26 May 2020 Dear Editor, The prime minister announced on March 19, 2020 that he was invoking the provisions of Article 29 of the constitution to decree a proclamation of emergency under which a number of emergency regulations and orders have been legislated to address the crisis arising from the coronavirus. The emergency regulations and […]

Maurice Glinton Q C Faces The Court Of Appeal

Maurice Glinton Q C From the news report last week the Court of Appeal saw Maurice Glinton Q C and they are pretty pissed off with Maurice Glinton. Mr. Glinton is in trouble with them because when he appeared before them he refused to go on once they ruled that the man whose right he […]