PLP Responds To FNM Propaganda

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From the Office of Chairman of the PLP

On FNM Fake Social Media Platforms

For Immediate Release

15 September 2018

It has come to the party’s attention that a number of fake platforms connected to the FNM are being used to dispense information across all social media pages. The purpose is to distract PLPs away from direct attacks on the government in order to waste time and effort in useless arguments with these fake profiles.

In the last two days FNM connected sites have released two articles which appear as news analyses but are directly traceable to FNM public relations sources.

One had a purported analysis of the PLP leadership and another about BAMSI.

I am again advising PLPs to stop passing these pages and fake analyses around. The only thing it does is to give currency to FNM propaganda. PLP’s are encouraged to delete them if they are sent to you. Do not forward or copy them.

The technique is often referred to as ” time stealing”. It is a deliberate effort to disrupt the PLP’s messaging.

All PLPs are advised to ignore and delete these FNM fake profiles.