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From The Office of the Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party

On The Public Domain Polling Results

For Immediate Release

12 April 2018

The following is in response to a question from Krishna Virgil Russell of The Tribune and released to all media:

The results of the Public Domain poll do not surprise us. The results are broadly similar to our own private polls tracking these matters. The anecdotal evidence is everywhere to be seen and heard.

When you disaggregate the opinions, it appears that the independent voters have shifted back to their studied positions. The PLPs base is completely fed up. Together they appear to make up the majority who are dissatisfied.

Our private soundings tell us that three things come up that account for the level of malaise: the inability of the Government to manage the country’s finances; the inability to identify with common people’s concerns; and the hypocrisy that has been uncovered in light of the deceit and untruths of the campaign that have been revealed.

The PLP is aware of the vagaries of polls and how they ebb and flow. We are concentrating on rebuilding and the fundamentals of the structure for a modern party ready to govern on day one; one voter at a time.