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The Hubert Minnis administration is a special kind of cruelty.  They have no heart.  They have no moral underpinnings and no feeling of people.  They are vicious, nasty liars.   It is difficult to be civil in their company.  Indeed civility is not a value which they value or understand.  So the Prime Minister can blithely promise that there will be no firing simply because people are PLP, and allow it to happen then say he had nothing to do with it.  Wonderful, immoral government.  So we come to the case of Anton Thompson, a PLP through and through.  He did not hide it.  That was too much for this administration and so he had to go.  Fifteen years he worked there.  He survived Christie, the dread Ingraham but could not even survive six months with Minnis.  The cruelty of the regime knows no bounds.  We thought Ingraham was cruel.  We have not seen anything yet. Dr. Minnis is just getting started. The FNMs are cheering.  He has made them glad.  A government of Uncle Toms who are not, nor have been connected with the PLP and so they have no feel for justice and peace.  Just meanness and cruelty.