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The following note was circulated from the PLP’s Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell following the release of an auditor general’s report making allegations subsequently discredited about the Royal Bahamas Defence Force under the Late PLP Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage:

From the Desk of the Chairman

Senator Fred Mitchell

9 November 2017

My view though is PLPs are too easily distracted. Every time some nonsense is spun from an FNM source PLP’s go wobbly. What’s wrong with us? The Auditor General has a history of going off half cocked. The FNM has a history of lies and deceits. Why then would this thing with the RBDF be any different. Hear the other side. I am advised that the answers to these questions about purchases of weapons for RBDF lie with the Commodore of the RBDF who was there then and is there now not at ministerial level. But let us stick with our story. The FNM needs to govern. Crime is unabated. The economy is in the tank. They have not got a plan to grow the economy but instead are contracting the economy and firing people leading to misery. They cannot fix Grand Bahama. They lie at the drop of a hat.  In the middle of all that PLPs are worrying about an auditor’s report which when we hear the other side will prove to be more prejudicial than probative. Please let us not adopt the narrative of the other side.