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There has been too many mistakes by this new administration.  There has been too much bumbling and stumbling around.  The FNM under Hubert Minnis spends all of its time talking old history: what the PLP did or did not do.  When Hubert Minnis was told the troubles of the market in Port Lucaya in Freeport, he told the vendor she must trust Jesus. That is his answer.  The lady said that she trusts Jesus but Jesus put him charge to get things done.  He has failed miserably.  Even the shady Tribune has been telling these FNM folks that if they don’t stop being bunglers, they will pretty soon discredit themselves with the public and the PLP will be a better alternative.  You know they must have had to bite their tongues to say that.  Be that as it may, it seems to us that the Ministry of Finance is a particular issue.  The incompetence there is beyond belief and the arrogance not backed up by knowledge does not bode well.  Seems to us that Dr. Minnis ought to be looking around for a new minister and soon.