PLPs Who Have Been Forced Out

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Patricia Hermans


Mario Bannister

Pat Darville Hermans, the Director of National Insurance, has submitted her resignation, just a year or so into her contract at National Insurance as of 15 June.  She gave no reason for the resignation but friends say that she has had it with the interference of the FNM appointed Board which is leading the Board into bankruptcy.  Then Mario Bannister was summarily fired as Managing Director of the Clifton Heritage Corporation.  The MP for Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson aka Miss Lost In Space who is Chair of the Corporation could not get used to the idea of someone competent running the corporation. She wanted to be Managing Director and hire her own people from Fox Hill.  Mr. Bannister was standing in the way, it seems, so he was out.  Oh, by the way, both these competent officers are PLP.  Is that their real sin?