Why Navarro Saunders Is Dead Quiet

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You may remember that Navarro Saunders, the FNM ideologue, who campaigned to vigorously defeat the PLP in Grand Bahama, was on the warpath for a minute there in Freeport against the FNM accusing them of delaying their satisfaction of FNM supporters…  Then suddenly the voice fell silent.  He is ow working at the Department of Agriculture in Freeport.  Congratulations. It’s the people’s time indeed. Meanwhile, 300 people were dismissed from the Government service.  They were part of the PLP inspired empowerment programme. Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest said that the PLP had not given an exit platform for the programme and so the open ended ness had to end.  Of course, the PLP did not want an end to the programme so the fact of no exit platform was deliberate.  The idea though is for people to rehired within a structured and rationalized programme said the DPM in Freeport on 1 June.  People were crying as they were given their pink slips on the eve of Labour Day.  It’s the people’s time. The real deal is the FNM is simply firing people who they think are PLPs and are making room for their own people. Shame on them.