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The FNM has a whole campaign built on Hubert Minnis as a kind of wonder boy who saved us from the Covid pandemic. The more this goes on though it is clear that his covid strategy is not working.  Half of Eleuthera is totally cheezed off by him because at the last minute he imposed the requirement for people to have a PCR test to leave Eleuthera and come to Nassau.  This has affected one family in particular badly and they are fuming.  Tomorrow was supposed to be an Easter egg hunt for the family  but 32 of them have to pack up and leave early or pay $290 dollars to test them all in order to go back to Nassau  This is all because Dr. Minnis imposed this mandate without thinking of the consequences of what he is doing.  This is almost as bad as the decision to allow Bahamians to go out of the country on 1 July 2021 and return without a test provided they stayed for less than 72 hours.  Then when it backfired spectacularly on him, he blamed the people of the country and then the PLP.