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There are continuing reports that people are having difficulties  with people registering to vote. The registration matter is supposed to be simpler now because there is no mass re-registration going on.  There is supposed to be permanent register and the dead and missing are supposed to be purged from the list. We don’t think this will happen but that is the law. Okay so now the only people who have to show up at the Parliamentary Commissioner’s office are those voting for the first time and those transferring.  People showing up to do those things are being given a hard time. They are being asked to bring documents that are not necessary to prove that they are living in a particular place. In another case, a woman with a Haitian last name went to register in Eleuthera and was told she had to bring her birth certificate.  The PLP had to intervene to stop it.  So these nuisances are being used to suppress the vote and we believe the Prime Minister should be challenged by the Progressive Liberal Party.