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So Fred Smith Q C with his wacky self was in the press complaining about the fact that the Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPL) refused to give them additional time to find money as security for costs to fight BPL.  You know Fred Smith’s forte is to come up with these fake environmental and human rights organizations as a way of making money off the government in cases of administrative law. So the latest of these fake organizations is the one prosecuting the charge against an oil company that has a licence to drill for oil. The government failed to protect the public interest by stopping the litigation by insisting that the fake organization put up security for costs. Luckily BPL got to be a part of the litigation and stood up to the fake organization and demanded security for costs.  The courts agreed and they gave the fake organization time to come up with the money. They have not been able to come up with the money in the time frame and asked for the extension.  BPL said they would not agree.  Fred Smith sought to argue that this meant that BPL has not acted in good faith in not allowing the matter to be litigated. But why would BPL out of the goodness of our heart allow an action to cut their own throats.