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So the smarty pants Prime Minister that we have named Hubert Minnis, who is also called “ the Competent Authority ” decided in his canonical discretion that as of 1 April 2021 ( April Fool’s Day ), all people in Eleuthera will have to take a PCR test in order to travel to New Providence.  He had no thought about consequences in financial terms, for example, on the people in Eleuthera and those who intended to travel there or from there. He just imposed it.

Senator Clay Sweeting, who is the PLP’s candidate for South and Central Eleuthera, issued a statement denouncing the move by the government.

A PCR test costs 280 dollars in Eleuthera.  This now adds to the cost of your travel by boat or by plane. Then in Nassau or in Eleuthera if you are staying more than 5 days, you have to take another test, the rapid antigen test. That is fifty dollars. And when you return, you have to spend in Nassau another 140 dollars to get the PCR test to return home.

This is unconscionable.

What concerns us is that our official representatives just seems to accept this unacceptable behaviour by the Government without a peep.  It is just left to the politicians to make what has come to be seen by the public as ritual statements now denouncing this clearly unlawful behaviour by the Government.

The Government decided to open up the country. They have opened up the country, largely to American tourists.  These tourists come into the country from a country where the virus is largely out of control. What then do you expect to happen? The response cannot be to shut the country down again and bottle up its people. It is illogical.  It was illogical to shut down the economy in the first place.

We are really concerned about this move in Eleuthera.  They are saying there is a spike in Grand Bahama. So are we to see the same policy of shut down Grand Bahama again.  The place is already as dead as door nail.