Prosecutorial Misconduct Alleged In Frank Smith Case

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The case of the Government against former PLP Senator Frank Smith is becoming more and more of a joke in the eyes of the public.  This is now more so than ever given the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct made by his Attorney K D Knight in the Court on 28 February.  The star witness took ill in the middle of cross examination and did so after she testified that she did not make a complaint, the police pressured her to do so.  Then when it was time to resume they said that the doctor said she could not testify even though people saw her on a bank line in the week. Now the Crown has come forward on the resumed date with the evidence that the defence had been asking for all along.  They have also fired the Bahamian lead attorney and substituted an English Q C Edward Jenkins.  The application for dismissal on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct was denied and the case has been put off until 14 May.  We ask again, is this justice. The Crown’s so happy to lock Frank Smith up but their case is not in order. Shameful.