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generic viagra drugstore times;”>About ten protestors Urvan Moxey, no rx 46, Miguel Joseph, 26, Derek Thompson, 64, Lincoln Bain, 39 ( FNM candidate), Hubert McIntosh, 59, Sam Butler, 52, Trevor Lightbourne, 46, Francis Johnson, 50, Derek Cox, 58, and Jharo Saunders, 23, were arraigned on a charge of damage, disorderly behaviour and three counts of obstruction  on Wednesday 10th March for tearing down the fence at Paradise Island during a protest the week before, against the shutting of the beach to the Bahamian vendors.  The FNM and the DNA’s leaders were all there on the scene as the damage took place and did nothing it appears to stop it.  In fact many wondered whether they condoned it.

The picture that we displayed last week showed the protestors in full, plain sight tearing down the fence.  The videos that circulated proudly through the behest of FNM and DNA supporters also showed the fence being torn down.   There is no question the fence was torn down.

There is also no question that the leaders of the FNM and the DNA condoned what happened.  Both leaders showed up in court Dr. Hubert Minnis and Branville McCartney to show solidarity with those that were charged with destroying property. 

Protests are fine.  Civil disobedience is fine but when you go to destroying property and attacking people physically, we think that the leaders of the political parties ought to part company with the protestors.

Dr. Minnis went further.  He said that if the FNM gets to power and the folks are convicted, the FNM would expunge the records so that there would be no criminal conviction.  Ain’t that something?  So it should now be crystal clear who condones what in this country.

The fact is the FNM and the DNA are both severely embarrassed because the matter was resolved in the wee hours before their announced protest and they did not have the ability to call it off.  That led to the mayhem which saw the destruction of private property and the condoning of that destruction by these two leaders.  What a bloody shame.