Questions To Disney And The MP South Eleuthera

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Disney went to press in The Bahamas on Frida 19th October and laid it all out to the public and the government, make your decision by today about our project in South Eleuthera or else.  They said there was no alternative proposal and they had waited long enough and so the idea of the One Eleuthera alternative proposal which would require a 60-day delay was not an option. Senator Fred Mitchell had said before that the fix was in and, so it was clear from that statement that yes, the fix was indeed in.  Disney will get what it wants, even though the environmental impact is not what it should be.  Disney has not answered the question of whether or not they were associated in anyway with advancing sums under the control and direction of the MP for South Eleuthera to the tune of 65,000 dollars which were to be used to “turn public opinion around”.  If that is so, Disney has to be very careful that they did not violate the corrupt practices act of the United States which prohibits payments of foreign public officials.  Just want to know for a friend.  On Friday evening the Cabinet Office announced that they had done as they were told and given Disney the green light to wreck the environment in Eleuthera.