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Renward Wells is married to a foreign woman, a Caucasian foreign woman at that as opposed to the Bain Town woman of the Speaker.  Yet Renward Wells in the face of the diatribe by the Speaker of the House of Assembly on 7 February, during which the Speaker assailed the Leader of the Opposition because he had a foreign wife and was divorced, stood up and supported the Speaker, banged on the table in support and then moved a resolution to suspend Glenys Hanna Martin from the House of Assembly.  What kind of worthless, low life character is this?  A man who votes for someone who has condemned the state into which Mr. Wells has entered.  He has no principles whatsoever. He will sell his soul.  What a pity.  When it all started, people had such high hopes for him. The FNM used to call him Einstein they thought that he was so smart. The problem was that he used to talk stuff in the House that was completely out in space.  The former Prime Minister Perry Christie was really high on him when he came into the PLP and said that he wanted to make him a Minister but didn’t have the space in the Cabinet.   That was fatal it seems, because he went off the rails by signing a Letter of Intent at the Ministry of Works without the permission of the Cabinet then lied about the facts of it.  He was dismissed.  He then turned toward the FNM and made a pact with a devil politician Hubert Minnis and now he’s in the Cabinet and it is now clear that he will do anything for power.  What really made him look silly last week was his taking the press statement from PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell with a commentary about the nature of civil disobedience and its application to what the PLP did with the Speaker and seeking to turn it on its head.  He failed miserably.  He just showed himself to be just as dumb and stupid as the Speaker. By using the arguments that he did that it was a deliberately planned act of the PLP to  cause the disruption of the House and attack the Speaker, he did not realise that not only was he factually incorrect on the history but he was admitting that the PLP had successfully played the FNM and derailed their programme. Poor fellow. Obviously and completely out of his depth.