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A time to speak

A time to be silent

n Proverbs 3 verse 7

Andre Rollins has some issues.  He does not know when to hold them and when to fold them.  He doesn’t know when to walk away.  He doesn’t know that you don’t count your money while you’re sitting at the table.  His mouth gets in gear before his brain engages.  The result is people think that he is wacky.  An intelligent man who has loose moments and a complete lack of control.  An ambitious man who has more ambition than sense.   He likes to row for rowing sake.  He doesn’t seem to know that sometimes you should not indeed, you need not say anything.  One such moment was when appearing on Jeff Lloyd’s radio programme on Tuesday  22 March, he was asked what he thought of  the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis and his Leader in his newly joined party  taking a trip on the jet of numbers’ man Sebass Bastian to Acklins on a political trip.  Dr. Minnis opposed the gambling referendum, the bill to make numbers legal and said he would not take political donations from the numbers men. Mr. Rollins said that it was comical and embarrassing.  That was a major headline the next day,  and was the backdrop for the speech of Dr. Minnis that day in the House  which speech fell totally flat.  On Wednesday 23rd March, the Minister of Labour Shane Gibson was able to ridicule Dr Minnis by using the words of Dr. Rollins. Dr. Rollins should just try saying “ no comment” for once.  Of course, the  man to keep control of the situation was none other than Deputy Speaker Dion Smith.  Mr. Smith who went to school with Dr. Rollins in St. John’s College would remember the outbursts of André Rollins as a student in school so he was well prepared and equipped to tell Dr. Rollins throughout the session to sit down and shut up.   Cleola Hamilton MP for South Beach virtually called  Dr. Rollins off his rocker and said she did not feel safe with him in the House.