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discount cialis times;”>When PLPs learned last week that it was Dr. Andre Rollins who was the monkey who put question to he ma in the latest intrigue in the FNM, they were not surprised.  They are more importantly relieved that he is not in the PLP.  They regard him as the biggest mistake that their party has ever made.  They are happy that this mistake is now in the FNM.  In an act of desperation, to stave off the then FNM bench going to the Governor General to remove him as Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Minnis brought in Renward Wells and André Rollins from the PLP.  The Prime Minister Perry Christie joked that he had let the two of them go deliberately to help Dr. Minnis survive.  Little did he know that he had sent in fact a wrecking ball into the FNM or did he not know? Wink! Wink!  Dr. Andre Rollins’ actions said much to the nation about his character.  Dr. Rollins described the man Dr. Minnis who had the vision to bring him into the FNM, as a man without vision.  Dr. Rollins comes off as a man without the moral underpinnings of loyalty, faithfulness and trust.  Some ask whether his head is screwed on properly.  But as the PLP now says, that’s their business not the PLPs and good riddance to bad rubbish.