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discount viagra viagra times;”>There are many in the PLP who are sensitive to the criticism that the PLP is on the back foot when it comes to the PR on this matter of Bahamar.  The only group that counts right now in connection with this is the 2000 or so employees who the developer Sarkis Izmirlian is using as a wedge to force the hand of the government.  Here it is, cialis generic sickness the money to pay the workers is being supplied by the government, the Bahamian taxpayers and  the developer is busy eroding confidence in a series of  letters which he writes every week to the employees.  This week instead of taking his behind to China and concluding a deal, he  has fired off another letter.  He attacks the construction company and the government in the letter.  The letter is replete with misrepresentations and half-truths.  For example he is making much about the 200 million dollars that he says his family is willing to  put into the property.  The question you have to ask then is if you had two hundred million to put in, why did you not finish the project?  Clearly, you don’t need any additional financing.  That is just one  The plain fact is the bankruptcy was filed so that he could walk away from the project without paying the debts, including not paying the employees.  That is it, plain and simple and nothing else he says is credible.  The latest propaganda is shown below: