Senator Lanisha Rolle Eats Crow

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viagra usa health times;”>Senator Lanisha Rolle will learn to hold her tart tongue next time.  Neko Grant, the MP for Central Grand Bahama FNM, was really pissed off that she attacked Loretta Butler Turner MP FNM and other FNM’s who were not supporting Hubert Minnis.  She told them to sit small and humble or face elimination—our words not hers.  Mr. Grant, the most senior and experienced of all the FNM MPs, was having none of it and demanded that she retract it, not privately but publicly where she had said it.  She made the charge originally on the radio, and after weeks of behind the scenes wrangling she offered a non-apology apology by saying if she had offended anyone then she was sorry.  That seems to have been good enough for Mr. Grant.  Lesson to the PLP, these people are not stupid and do not count on them fighting like this all the way to the general election.  They are going to patch things together and make a united force.  The former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette said as much to the press last week, that it will all be worked out in time for the election.