Senators Clay Sweeting And Jobeth Coleby In The Senate

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There is supposed to be a practice of comity between the Leader of the Government in the Senate and that of the Opposition.  In this case the two people are Senator Carl Bethel for the Government and Senator Fred I Mitchell for the Opposition.  The Senate against the protests of the PLP adjourns sine die.  That means without a date and is convened when the Government leader feels like it.  The practice is supposed to be that when the Senate is to be convened, the Leader of the Government as a curtesy calls the Leader of the Opposition to suggest a date on which they can agree. If they cannot, the Government sets the time. However, in the last few meetings of the Senate, the Government with the President of the Senate have been unilaterally setting the date for meetings.  One consequence is that the Opposition is unable to have its full complement in the senate to meet the debate. Last week was one such time when it happened again.  Thus, the two Senators were there, and they did an excellent job.  Senators Jobeth Coleby and Clay Sweeting holding the fort for the PLP in the Senate 31 October on the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation debate. Welcome back Senator Jobeth who has returned to duty after months on maternity leave.