The Minister Didn’t Know What Was Said On Abortion

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Frankie Campbell MP with Sasha Dixon in Geneva at the UN

The Minister for Social Services Frankie Campbell has been reeling ever since the presentation at the United Nations in Geneva, giving the clear impression that abortion was on the legislative agenda of the FNM.  Mind you nothing wrong with it but this hypocritical society is up in phony arms about it.  So, the Minister had to do the backstroke outside of Cabinet on 31st October, saying that the statement by the public official was taken out of context. Yeah right! You read it for yourself as reported by The Tribune:

Senior Nursing Officer in the Ministry of Health Sherry Armbrister told CEDAW last week that the government of The Bahamas was working on a bill that will address the issue of abortion.

“Currently we are working on a patient’s bill of rights, which has to go to Parliament, and once that is passed, or when it is passed, it will pave the way for us to deal with the emancipated youth as well as the right for a woman to have [an] abortion,” said Armbrister, as she responded to questions on health in relation to the sixth periodic report of The Bahamas.