We Agree With The Freeport News | Big Mo Should Be Quiet

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The Freeport News wrote a remarkable editorial last week looking at the role which Maurice Moore, now Right Honourable, plays in the FNM. Every time there is some critical attack on Hubert Minnis and the FNM, Mr. Moore comes publicly to the rescue.  He sits outside the power structure and appears to see his role as that of providing critical support for the Prime Minister.  The latest was when the four rebel FNM MPs voted against the Government in the House and attacked the policy of renting, Mr. Moore went public and chastised them. The country is waiting with bated breath as we look to see whether or not the four MPs Reece Chipman, Frederick McAlpine, Vaughn Miller and Travis Robinson will be dealt with as promised by the anonymous source that spoke to The Tribune.  Mr. Moore may be part of that effort.  Enter the picture Fred Stirrup, the Managing Editor the Freeport News, wrote in the newspaper’s editorial that Mr. Moore should shut up and be the elder statesman but stay out of the day to day fray.  We agree. The talk around town is that Mr. Moore is trying to do his best to oust former MP C A Smith for the job of Governor General.