Sheldon Maycock On The Weather

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Sheldon Maycock, generic Architect

Posted on Facebook 2nd October on the second day of Hurricane Joaquim by Architect Sheldon Maycock.  It demonstrates the general dissatisfaction which Bahamians have about the way things are reported about our country.  The weather is just one example:

To my out of town family and friends, we’re doing okay. There are over 23 inhabited islands in The Bahamas and about 4 of them are experiencing severe flooding. The good news is that there has been no loss of life even though there is building damage on these flooded islands. The rest of us in Nassau and the other islands are experiencing overcast hot breezy weather with very light rain. So please don’t be misled by the exaggerated comments of MSNBC and the Weather Channel that give the impression that we’re all under water and the entire country is flat. By the way our Doppler weather radar is working very well too.