Sidney Collie Is Lost On Bradley Roberts

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The Chairman of the FNM Sidney Collie is a lost soul.  Since the election, he has been cooling his heels in town waiting we hear on an appointment to be Ambassador to Washington (God help us!).  Meanwhile, he is making the occasional statement as Chair of the FNM.  The latest is that he according to the Nassau Guardian does not think that anybody listens to Bradley Roberts, the Chairman of the PLP.  Mr. Collie was angry because Mr. Roberts issued a statement calling for Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister, to account for his public policy on Bahamar.  Mr. Minnis and his posse aka the Cabinet went to Bahamar with a high profile visit but could not answer questions about what the position of the government is on Bahamar.   Mr. Roberts said that Mr. Minnis should not duck the questions.  Mr. Collie got upset.  Here is the irony: if as Mr. Collie says no one is listening to Bradley Roberts, why is Mr Collie answering.  Seems a bit assified to us.