The Lack Of Ethics By The Nassau Guardian

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We have had cause to complain several times about the journalistic ethics of the Nassau Guardian.  We do so again.  This time we complain about a headline which we publish below which states that Fred Mitchell has started a campaign for leadership in the PLP.  The statement it appears is based on the comments of a letter writer to the Nassau Guardian. The headline is misleading and designed to cause mischief.  Mr. Mitchell nor any spokesman for him has made any announcement about running for leader of the PLP.  In fact, Mr. Mitchell has said the opposite that having lost his seat, he will not run for leader of the PLP. Yet the Nassau Guardian carries a headline which gives the impression that an official campaign was launched.  This is a dishonest headline. It should at least indicate that it is attributed to the letter writer. But hey Candia Dames is the Managing Editor so what can you expect.