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Last week we reported in this space how Shonel Ferguson, the MP for Fox Hill, was forced out of office after one term.  The FNM deselected her and she will not get their nomination to run again in the seat in the next general election. She sent her swan song letter last week. Enter John Pinder, who is now the Acting Director of Labour, because he does not have the qualifications to be the Director of Labour. He is from Fox Hill and so they have asked Mr. Pinder to leave his good Government job to go run in Fox Hill when the bell is rung. Mr. Pinder is going to go to church at Macedonia today and will with the FNM constituency association launch his campaign.  But it will be a soft launch, He hasn’t quite accepted the deal.  Why?  He says that he needs his pension to be settled before he commits to such an enterprise as running for office.  So while he will walk around with the FNMs and while he will go to church with them, he is not going to be announced publicly. Poor Shonel Ferguson , now that she has been dumped, she has no friends left. The weeds are growing up around her house in Fox Hill. She has disappeared.  The constituents who pay her 28k per year plus 2.5k for an office per month plus 100k to spend in the constituency in cash have not heard from her, nor will they because she has no incentive to work anymore. That is what the FNM has done to the Fox Hill that they say they care about.