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On Saturday 9 June, Marlon Johnson, the Financial Secretary got himself into a position where he was apologizing for what appeared to be a slight to workers in the hotel sector and to those recently dismissed by the government.  He appeared to say on television in an interview on Friday 8 June with Clint Watson of Eyewitness News that those who were fired from the government service could work as space cleaners and housemen at Bahamar. That did not sit well.  He was forced to climb down. The rules of the public service ban people at his level from getting involved in a public polemic without the specific approval of the Secretary to the Cabinet. For good reasons: to keep the public service out of controversy.  The PLP has no issue with anyone who minds the rules and stays out of the fray but if you get into the mud pit, it becomes contentious and nasty. So some advice from friends on the inside: close your Facebook page immediately.  If you have Twitter page, close it right now. Any other social media outlets in your name shut them down. Stay off television and do not speak to the press. Just saying