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Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef on CNN, committed suicide 7 June 2018


Kate Spade, fashion designer, committed suicide 5 June 2018


The Beatles, the 1960s pop group, sang a song Money Can’t Buy You Love.  It seems that it certainly does not.  This week, two American celebrities died at their own hands. The press reported that Kate Spade, a fashion designer, and Anthony Bourdain, a Chef, both committed suicide.  It is a phenomenon that is a result of mental illness, depression, something that you simply can’t deal with unless you get help like you would for a physical illness. Joan Rivers, the American Comedienne said, when her husband committed suicide that she was so angry after the death at her husband because he never said a word.  The problem is the anger of the survivors can do nothing to bring the person back or give you any satisfaction. They are dead and have no reason to leave or give you.  It’s just sad.  It is sad that you have Elvis Presley, rich as Croesus and yet dies of an overdose of pills. Michael Jackson who was worth 500 million dollars yet had to be checked into hospital because he had gastroenteritis, a disease which mainly poor people get from eating rotten food. Then he couldn’t sleep and paid someone to put him to sleep that went awry and he went to sleep forever.  Money can get you a lot of things but it apparently cannot get you or give you by itself peace of mind and freedom from mental illness.