Some Thoughts On Brent Symonette’s Return

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The FNM is now considering allowing Brent Symonette to return to front line politics by giving him the St Anne’s seat.  It’s their business but you know we are disappointed that Dr. Hubert Minnis who made all that noise about fighting the power of Bay Street is now going to capitulate by allowing a spoilt rich boy in man’s clothing to get back into frontline politics and dominate the FNM.  There is nothing which objectively commends Mr. Symonette to be back in the FNM in the frontline and at such a high level and in a safe seat. The only thing that he has is money.  When you compare where he started to where a man like Sir Albert Miller or Bradley Roberts or Sir Franklin Wilson started, he has clearly wasted his inheritance and done nothing with it.  He has not even endowed a chair at the University of The Bahamas for example in the name of his father who was the first Premier of the country.  Nothing.  He got millions of dollars from his father and mother and all he has done is sit back and collect fat cheques and make money off real estate and taking advantage of his government connections to enrich himself.  No problem but that is not a recommendation to become a Member of Parliament or a Minister of the government.  So tell you what, we think that with Commonwealth Bank which makes money off the backs of poor Bahamians charging outrageous interest rates set to make some 70 million dollars in profit this year, Mr. Symonette will be even richer and so Dr. Minnis must think that he will tap into that source and so the safe seat.  Out Hubert Chipman in Brent Symonette.  The FNM is simply a captive of the old UBP oligarchy. This is a shame in 2016.