Mr. Symonette knows conflict of interest well. He got it from his pa who the FNM has just declared a national hero. He himself was fired before for a previous conflict of interest while in government.

So, the thieves are in charge of the bank and they are stealing left right and centre. The Bahamas the saying is pee on me and call it rain.

Sir Roland Symonette’s Birth Certificate

Lest there be any doubt, we have the birth certificate to prove the racial mix of the dubiously appointed national hero Sir Roland Symonette, who headed the racist regime of the United Bahamian Party (UBP) before being displaced by Lynden Pindling and the PLP. Turns out Pop Symonette had a lick of the brush.

Some Thoughts On Brent Symonette’s Return

The FNM is now considering allowing Brent Symonette to return to front line politics by giving him the St Anne’s seat.  It’s their business but you know we are disappointed that Dr. Hubert Minnis who made all that noise about fighting the power of Bay Street is now going to capitulate by allowing a spoilt […]