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The stark, empty Town Centre Mall owned by Brent Symonette company.

There is no end to the crookedness of the Free National Movement.  They are bold faced liars and thieves.  They will tell you a lie right to your face and then you think that you are the one who has no idea what’s going on.  You are left like Santa Clause to make your list and check it twice, to try to see who is naughty or nice.

To be sure the FNM is not a nice party and the people in it are not nice people.  They are a mean and nasty lot.  They will steal your eyeballs out with you looking, if you let them.

No finer example of that was the announcement which everyone knew was coming from the day the FNM won the election that Brent Symonette’s Town Centre Mall was to be the site of the new temporary post office for The Bahamas, instead of the site which was chosen by the PLP when they were in office.  That temporary site was the old Independence Shopping Centre just across the road on the other side.


The contracts had already been signed by the PLP.  The work had begun.  The private public partnership was entered into with Scott Godet, the owner of the old shopping centre.  As soon as the FNM got to office, they cancelled it and announced with great fanfare that they were moving to the old Phil’s Food Store on Gladstone Road.  The PLP warned them that this was a foolish and costly decision.  They ignored it and announced anyway.  After all the PLP is crooked so they said.

Turns out the real crooked ones as per usual are the ones in the FNM. They had their eyes all the time on Brent Symonette’s Town Centre Mall. Last week the brazen lying bitches that they are announced that they are going to move a resolution in the House of Assembly to affect just that.  They are going to fix Brent Symonette up with what some argue will be 30 million dollars per year for five years amounting to 150 million dollars in rent. That is just about enough to give the FNM the election money they will need to swamp the PLP in the next general election.


We said the FNM will steal your eyeballs out while you’re looking.


The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, Mr. Hear No, See No Evil, was aghast at the suggestion of skullduggery. He said that the move by the Government was entirely transparent. Then he tried to say it was the PLP’s fault, after all they wanted to go there first.  Only problem is the PLP didn’t go there and decided to help a Black businessman rather than line the pockets of Brent Symonette, the Minister for Immigration.


Mr. Symonette knows conflict of interest well. He got it from his pa who the FNM has just declared a national hero.  He himself was fired before for a previous conflict of interest while in government.

So, the thieves are in charge of the bank and they are stealing left right and centre.  The Bahamas the saying is pee on me and call it rain.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 20 October 2018 up to midnight: 184,259

Number of hits for the month of October up to Saturday 20th October 2018 up midnight: 459,300

Number of hits for the year 2018 up to Saturday 20th October 2018 up to midnight: 10,745,964